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BAA Youth Basketball Rules

Here's How We Play!

General Rules:
  • Each team will provide a scorekeeper or a timekeeper for each game. It is recommended that this is not a child unless they are being supervised or they are experienced. Only the scorer and timekeeper will be at the table. No coaching from the scorer's table.
  • Each player must play a minimum of 10 minutes per game. If a player is benched for disciplinary reasons and will not meet this requirement, a board member must be notified prior to the game.
  • Each player must sit out for a minimum of 2 consecutive minutes (120 seconds) per half provided at least 6 players are available.
  • Two timeouts per half. No carryover.
  • In the Event of a tie during regulation we will have a 2 MINUTES OVERTIME. Each Coach will have 1 TIMEOUT – NO carry over of Time outs. If after the first Overtime and the score is still in a TIE – The game will then end in a TIE. There will NO second OVERTIME during the regular season. In the Playoffs Overtime will be played until there is a winner.
  • Games may be started with 4 players. A 5th player can be "donated" by the opposing team if both coaches agree. A team will forfeit if they go down to 3 players due to an ejection or if a player receives 5 fouls.
  • In the case of a forfeit, teams will play a scrimmage using all available players from both teams.
  • Bonus will be on the 7th team foul (one and one) with a double bonus (2 shots) on the 10th team foul.
  • A player fouls out of the game after their 5th foul. A technical foul is counted as a personal and team foul. A 2nd technical foul in the same game will result in the ejection of that player or coach.
  • There are no 3-point shots in the Junior leagues.
  • Games shall be 2 halves of 20 minutes each. Running time for first 18 minutes of each half. Clock stops on time outs only. Final 2 minutes of each half is stop time. 
  • Clock starts on 1 and 1 shooting fouls when the first shot is missed or, if made, when the shooter receives the ball from the referee. Clock starts on 2 shot fouls when the shooter receives the ball from the referee for the second shot. This clock stoppage applies only to junior boys and junior girls. (for younger players, this gives them a chance to get properly set up in the lane positions.
  • Clock stops for all technical fouls.
  • During the final 2 minute stop times of each half, the clock starts when the ball is live after a missed shot or after it is in bounded after a made shot. Length of game times, running or stopped time, is subject to availability of gym and ability to schedule the games.
  • Foul shots for Junior divisions can be inside of the free throw line. As long as they start behind this line, they can step on or in front of the line when they land. No penalty will be applied.
  • Halftime for all games will be 3 minutes.


  • Playoff games cannot end in a tie. Overtime will be a 2 minute period with stoppage time and another timeout. Timeouts unused from the second half are carried to the overtime period.


  • Junior boys and girls will be allowed to play backcourt defense in the last 2 minutes of the first half and the last 4 minutes of the game.
  • Junior Boys and Girls – NO Double Teaming outside of the 3 Point line. Man to Man can be played but again NO Double Team outside the 3 Point line.
  • Intermediate girls and boys will be allowed to play backcourt defense in the second half only.
  • Senior girls will be allowed to play backcourt defense the entire game.
  • Senior boys will be allowed to play backcourt defense the entire game.
  • There is no backcourt defense after a team has a 15-point lead. The first violation will be a warning to the coach. A second violation will result in a team technical foul (does not count against a coach). Defense for a couple seconds after a rebound or outlet will not constitute backcourt defense if the defender stops and heads into the frontcourt.


  • Coaches or players receiving 2 technical fouls during a game will be ejected from the game being played and the following game. If a player or coach is ejected a second time during the season, they will be suspended form the league for the remainder of the season/play-offs. If a coach receives a technical foul, they must remain seated for the remainder of the game, except for timeouts. A player that receives a technical foul must be removed from the game to regain their composure.
  • Coaches or players receiving 3 technical fouls during the year will be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season/play-offs. Players or coaches can make an appeal to the executive board, but will not be allowed to coach or play unless reinstated by the board.
  • Coaches are responsible for the player's actions on the court and on the bench. The coach will be assessed the technical foul resulting from the actions from the bench.
  • All other rules follow the basic basketball rules. 
  • Any rule changes must be approved by the BAA before being introduced.
  • There will be no rescheduling of games unless caused by an act of God, or if there is a school/league or church event that will not allow teams to have at least 5 players present at the game.


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