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2014 Freetown/Berkley/Dighton Major League

1. Home team makes the call for rain/weather postponements. Home coach must call visitor ASAP.

2. Pitching Week Begins on FRIDAY MORNING during regular season. Games are to begin at 5:45 pm on Monday through Friday, 9 am (Berkley) and 1 pm for
Sunday make-up games.

3. Regular Season Pitching Rules:

- 6 innings per player per week (week begins on Friday Morning).
- 12 innings maximum for all 12 year olds per team per week.
- If a player pitches 4 innings in one game he cannot pitch for 84 hours from the start time of that game.
- One legal pitch equals one inning for all pitchers.
- The pitching log shall be shared between both teams before the start of each game or that game is automatically under protest.

*The Dighton web site will be used during the regular season on a trial basis for entering innings pitched (see below Housekeeping section). Enter the pitcher’s
  number for the game and the amount of innings pitched in the notes section for that game. The opposing managers need to review this before each of their

4. Regular Season Substitution:

- Each player must play a minimum of 6 defensive outs, consecutive or non-consecutive.
- All teams must use consecutive batting, however, each team only has to bat continuous the same number as the team with the fewest players and free substitution
  will still apply. Every player must bat at least once in each game. Late arriving players are placed at the end of the batting order.
- Injured players may be removed from the line-up without penalty.

5. Playoff Pitching rules:

- 6 innings per player during the first 3 games of the playoffs.
- 2 additional innings per player, per game for all subsequent games.
- If a pitcher throws MORE THAN THREE innings he may not pitch in his team’s next game.
- Innings are cumulative - they may not be banked – during the playoffs.
- The pitching log shall be shared between both teams before the start of each game or that game is automatically under protest.

6. Playoff Defensive Substitutions:

- Each player must play a minimum of 6 defensive outs and get 1 at-bat during each game he attends.

7. Playoff Hitter Substitution rules:

- A ‘starter’ may re-enter the game in any position-and must be in the same batting position-once the person who substituted for him has been in the game for at least
   6 defensive outs and had 1 at-bat. Substitute and starter may not be in the game at the same time.
- If desired, a team may use a continuous batting order as an option with a minimum roster size of 11 players on the game score sheet. The starters shall play 6   consecutive outs and one at bat before the subs can be allowed into the game. Once the subs enter the game they must play 6 consecutive outs, once they do that it   can be treated as free substitution.
- An Extra Hitter may be used by any team and must be designated on the roster as the EH prior to the start of a game.
- The Extra Hitter is required to play in the field during the game for at least 6 consecutive outs.
- The Extra Hitter is treated as a ‘fielding position’ and may sub-in to play a defensive position without affecting/changing his team’s batting order and provided the
   player he subs-in for has played 6 consecutive defensive outs.
- The Extra Hitter may be substituted for once he has played 6 consecutive outs in the field and has one at-bat.

8. Mercy Rule:

- A 10-run mercy rule applies at each half inning interval when the trailing team is behind by 10 or more runs and has completed 12 or more out (4 innings) at the plate
   assuring the home team has completed its at bat.

9. Protested Contests:

- Initiate a contest by contacting Andrew DiGiammo at 774-244-1101 to serve notice of your protest. A voice mail message is an acceptable means of filing your protest.
- You have 24 hours after the start of the game in protest to request a protest.
- Violating the pitching rules is a valid protest with no time limitations.
- Andrew DiGiammo will notify all directors in the league and schedule a Protest Review Meeting ASAP (email and phone calls might suffice depending on scenario).
- Protest Review Meeting Quorum = 2 non-affected directors from each league.
- Each non-affected director has one vote-voting can be done over email if needed.
- Directors from the two teams may not vote.
- A majority vote is required to uphold the protest. A tie vote equals a rejection. No re-votes.

10. Make-Up Games:

Every effort must be made to play and complete each game in its scheduled week.
- Monday games are scheduled for TUESDAY make-ups at the same time.
- Wednesday games are scheduled for THURSDAY make-ups at the same time.

11. 8-Player Rule:

- A minimum of 8 players is required to start a game and complete an official game.
- There will not be an out taken on the ninth batting spot to start a game.
- Game start times are not flexible-they must start on time however, a 15-minute grace period is allowed if one team has only 7 players. If the 15 minutes transpire and
   the 8
th player has not arrived, a forfeit is called and coaches are encouraged to have a scrimmage. The 9th player takes the last spot in the batting order until that player
   arrives; otherwise it is an out.

12. Housekeeping Items:

- Winning team enters game scores the night of the game played at (username is baseball and password is intertown).
*Post score right from the Manager’s Main page. To add the innings pitched; go to Games A View. Find the game you just posted the score for and
 click Edit. Add notes and save. Add player’s number and innings pitched for that game (i.e. #8 – 3 innings).

- Official Rawlings Babe Ruth Baseball are allowable.
- RBRO (1) balls are allowed for game play as they are the same as RCAL baseballs.
- For the playoffs only the 1st round will get seeded.
- For the playoffs the team in the winners bracket is awarded home field for the championship game.
- For the playoffs if the “if needed” game is required a coin toss will be used to determine the home team at home plate.
- If a manager, coach, or player is ejected from a game that person will also be suspended from the next scheduled game, including playoffs.
- The second and tertiary offense of a manger, coach or player is subject to the Intertown Board’s discretion of the penalty.
- Home team is responsible to provide 2 new game balls to the umpire.
- No arguing of balls and strikes.
- Home team is responsible for pre-game field preparations which must be completed at least 30 minutes prior to game time.
- Infield/Warm-up begins 25 minutes prior to the game time. Home team goes first for 10 minutes (5:20-5:30). Visitor second for 10 minutes (5:30-5:40).
   Umpire meeting 5 minutes. If a team begins warm-ups late, they may not extend warm-ups to make-up for lost time. Use it or lose it.
- Trash pick-up: each team is responsible for leaving their bench area litter free.
- Coaches will discourage players from digging holes in the field or otherwise damaging the fields.
- No slash bunts.
- Head first sliding is acceptable only returning to a base.
- No batting practice or soft toss on the playing field prior to any game.

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