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Rookie League Rules Ages 6-8 (formerly Farm League)

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2015 BAA Rookie League Rules (formerly Farm League)

Rookie League. Ages 6-8

Purpose: Provide a safe, fun, interesting, and fast paces game.  Hitting, fielding, and running the bases are the primary objective of this league.  Standard baseball rules apply where practical and not superseded by the rules below.  For example, three swinging strikes for a strike out, 3 outs to end a half inning.

  • Games are played on a field where the bases are separated by a distance of 50 feet. The regulation length of games is 6 innings or 2 hours.
  • Teams must use a rotating batting order. Teams are permitted to use 10 Players defense, with additional players defined as outfielders. Two adults are permitted on the playing field only in the outfield area in all innings to supervise the defensive team. 1st half of season.


  • 50 pitch limit per pitcher per game.
  • 2 innings max per game.
  • 4 hit batters per game or 2 per inning per game pitcher will be removed.
  • Pitcher’s mound is at 35 to 40 feet or established pitcher’s mound
  • Games are pitched with either the pitching machine or an opponent team pitcher.
  • When facing opponent team pitcher there will be4 Balls (walk) or 3 strikes (strike out) after first half of season.
  • Coaches or Umpires will be calling balls and strikes. With pitching machine, 6 pitches or 3 strikes. Pitching machine will be operated by batting teams coach.


  • This league is a machine pitched to increase the repeatability and the number of hittable pitches.
  • Each batter receives a maximum of 6 pitches, unless they foul off the 6th pitch. If they foul off the 6th pitch, the hitter continues to receive pitches until they put the ball in play or strikeout. If the hitter takes the sixth pitch they are called out regardless of the number of strikes, unless declared a NO PITCH.
  • The pitching machine operator may declare a NO PITCH if and only if the ball is absurdly un-hittable. The intent of this rule is to give 6 reasonably hittable pitches. In the event that ball does not reach the plate, or is well outside the strike zone, this can be declared a NO PITCH. Coaches are strongly encouraged NOT to abuse this; both coaches need to watch the pitch so there will likely be no disagreement on the NO PITCH call.
  • There are no wins or losses in this league and no stats will be kept, as such the "home" team will always bat last.
  • As balls are not counted, there will be NO WALKS issued. (PITCHING MACHINE)
  • A batted ball striking the pitching machine or pitching machine operator will be declared a dead ball. The batter is awarded first base. Each runner that would be forced to advance, will advance one base.
  • No bunting is permitted
    • A rotating batting order is used in all games.
    • Offensive at-bat is complete after three (3) outs or after they have gone through their batting order
    • The batter, on deck batter, and all base runners must wear a helmet (full face helmet)
  • No player shall play more than 2 successive innings in the same defensive position and no player shall play more than 5 innings in the infield
  • Players who improperly release their bat, will be warned once and then will be called out on any subsequent occurrence in that game
  • All executed outs by a defensive team shall be recognized as such by both teams
  • Team managers and coaches serve as game umpires. First half of season and umpires may be used at the 2nd half of season per Directors Discretion.
  • Common Baseball rules.

Base Running

  • Runners should be encouraged to take an additional base on an overthrow. This will teach them to turn towards the advanced base and for the fielder to pursue the overthrown ball. Only a single base advancement, at the runners risk, per over throw, if the fielder does not throw the ball after retrieving and bringing back to the field of play, the runner may not advance another base. If the fielder retrieves the ball and over throws the fielder at the base where the runner is headed, another base may be taken.
  • Ball must be controlled by an infielder: (Catcher counts) to stop the play and advancement of the runners. It is encouraged that the infielder in control be the one where an out could be made. For, example if the ball is hit towards third and no out could be made at third, the third baseman should be throwing to first and the first basemen needs to control the ball the stop the runner.
  • No stealing for the first half of season / stealing will be allowed as season progresses.
  • No infield fly rule - as such multiple outs can be recorded on a caught infield fly.
  • There is a maximum of 4 runs per inning, therefore, coaches should attempt to keep the 4th run at third to allow another batter to come up to the plate.

 Game Limit

  • There will be a maximum of 6 innings per game, as long as the game can be completed in 2 hours or slightly over. In other words you should not start the sixth (or other last) inning 1 hr. and 50 minutes into a game, as it is not reasonable to believe you will complete a whole inning in 10 minutes.
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